The history of fencing club Ter Weer
Fencing club Ter Weer was founded on January 5, 1939 and then trained at the Laan van Meerdervoort 50b. After the Second World War, the association moved to the top floor of the Amicitia building at Westeinde number 15. In the 1950s, our association was still referred to as TE WE.

In March 1967, maître P.C. ter Weer across the hall to H.F. Hoevers. On that day, maître Ter Weer turned 82, making him the oldest fencing teacher in the Netherlands. He still continued to teach. From that moment on it was the wish of the members to use the official name Ter Weer as a legal entity. In 1971 the association moved to Willemstraat 24, where various maîtres provided the training, including Jan Snellen and Frans Posthuma.

In the course of 2000, Ter Weer moved into the building at 33 De Ruijterstraat. Since then, membership has continued to grow. So it was a good thing that in 2008 we could move into the new hall in the HALO. With the move from HALO to the Sports Campus, we have found a new home at Health&Sportsclub Westduin. Within the complex we have a beautiful spacious hall with more runners than before. The association now consists of more than 60 members.

Some of our members have been fencing for many years, but our club also has the necessary beginners.

All ages are trained, from 7 years up to retirement age. We also fence at various levels, there is a group of competitive fencers, including Dutch champions and fencers who participate in (inter)national competitions, but also many enthusiastic recreational players. In short, quality for everyone.

The training sessions are provided in a pleasant atmosphere. For the youth, these are mainly classical training courses. The elderly and experienced youth fencers train more independently, fence more “electrically” and receive more individual guidance.

The management of Ter Weer has been in the hands of Maître Floris Nonhebel since 2003 . He teaches, guides and coaches our competitive fencers. Since January 1, 2016, Floris is assisted by Prévôt Alex Matla. Several competitive fencers are also active in the assistance.

The specialization at Ter Weer is foil. The foil is a technical stabbing weapon that places the highest demands on technique and tactics in fencing. Due to the light handling, it is also a good “beginners” weapon.

With a foil you can (can) only stab. Foil screens distinguish between valid and invalid hits. You can only hit valid on the hull. Arms, legs and head are invalid.

Most of Ter Weer’s fencers use foil. But saber and sword fencing is also possible at Ter Weer.

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