Contribution and Maître fee

As a member of Ter Weer you pay an annual contribution to the association and the national fencing association KNAS, and you pay monthly tuition fees to the Maître.


Contribution (A and B)

The contribution is made up of two parts: an association part (A) and an amount for membership of the KNAS (Royal Dutch General Fencing Association) (B). The association part includes room rental and a fee for the use of the material (mask, glove, vest and weapon) in the initial period. KNAS membership is required for, among other things, participation in competitions and competitions. This membership includes liability and accident insurance. The invoice for the annual contribution (A + B) will be sent in the spring. New members receive this within four weeks of registration. This first invoice depends on the month in which you become a member. Payment can be made in installments. Information on this is available from the treasurer.
The annual contribution is:

Youth until 20 years
A. Association part € 210
B. KNAS membership €31.65
Total: €241.65

Seniors from 21 years
A. Association part € 210
B. KNAS membership € 63.30


Maître fee

The Maître fee is paid directly to the matre. Preference is given to automatic transfer to account number NL36 INGB 0002 0328 80, attn. F. Nonhebel in Pijnacker. This stating the month/year, and the name of the student.
The tuition fee must be paid in advance and amounts to:

Monthly amount € 23.00
Annual amount € 276.00


Discount with the Ooievaarspas

Ter Weer members who are in possession of a Ooievaarspas will receive a discount of 50% (adults) or 100% (children, for one sport) on the contribution and tuition fees upon presentation of this pass. Information about this is available at de
The Ooievaarspas is issued by the municipalities of The Hague, Leidschendam-Voorburg and Rijswijk to residents who fall below a certain income limit.
You can read whether you qualify for this on You can also apply for the Ooievaarspas via this site.

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