About Ter Weer

Ter Weer is a fencing club for young and old. Anyone from the age of 7 can learn to fence here, whether recreationally or at a competition level. Ter Weer’s specialty is the foil, a stabbing weapon that places high demands on technique and tactics. Its light handling makes it an ideal weapon for novice fencers.

Fencing Club Ter Weer was founded in 1939 by Maître Ter Weer.
Since 2003, the management has been in the hands of Maître Floris Nonhebel. The Maître teaches, guides and coaches the competitive fencers.
Since January 1, 2016, Alex Matla, KNAS certified Prévôt d’armes, is the second man for lessons, guidance and coaching.

The training sessions are held in a pleasant atmosphere. Classic for the youth, more independent for the elderly. There are training courses for novice, advanced and experienced fencers.

Ter Weer itself organizes a number of tournaments in which only members participate, for example the Rowdy van Tol tournament. In addition, there are national and international tournaments in which Ter Weer members participate, such as the Randstad tournaments, the annual ESTEC Invitation Tournament and other tournaments in for example Germany and France.

Other activities
Ter Weer also offers a number of other activities, such as an annual outing. In recent years these have included a sailing weekend and a climbing afternoon.

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