Fencing lessons

Because The Hague is a very international city, we also provide in fencing lessons for foreigners.

All lessons are given in Dutch, but translations wil be supplied. For € 10 you can get two trial lessons.


Adults: The first lesson you’ll get an introduction in fencing, provided by an experienced fencing master. We’ll teach you the basics. The second lesson you’ll join the regular training.

Youth: Children will participate 2 regular lessons en will experience fencing games.

What do you need?: T-shirt, sweatpants and indoor shoes. Fencing equipment will be supplied.


Adults Tuesday or Thursday 20:30 – 21:15
Children Monday 17:30 – 18:30

Subscribe for 2 trials: Send an e-mail to proefles@terweer.nl which contains name, adres, phone, age and preferred startdate.

More information about our club and fees can be found here:
Fact sheet Ter Weer 

Permanente koppeling naar dit artikel: http://terweer.nl/information/

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